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Hey there!

I'm Katerina and I'm a Ukrainian girl with a passion of photography. Currently I live in Frankfurt, Germany and fly to my homeland (Kiev, Ukraine) from time to time.


I work in portrait, family and wedding photography.


Everything that is related to people's emotions, love and connection - that's what I love to capture. Everytime I meet a loving couple - I'm getting excited as a kid. To me the love is everything. And if I see in front of me people that know what true love is about - I understand, we are on the same wave.


Oh, I loooove to travel. So don’t hesitate to ask if I am willing to fly to Italy (or France, or somewhere else) and shoot your wedding. The answer will be definetely YES!


I trully love making beautiful portraits of people. I put my heart into every photo - it's hard for me to do anything in a different way.



One day shooting the wedding on th Como Lake...


My biggest support and motivation is  my family  - my husband Sergey and our little daughter Mia, that appeared to our lives 2 years ago. The life has changed a lot since than but the most important things stay the same  - we still don't take the life too serious and are trying to enjoy it as much as it's possible.
My relationship with the photography are quite easy. One day my hobby simply turned into a profession while I was trying to find a place for myself in a corporate world after getting a master's degree at economic univercity. And once I made that decision - I've found out what is it to adore what you do for a living and to wake up happy. And I have to add that it would never happen without my the most supportive husband and simply best friend. So, thank you, my dear <3 !

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