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Hey there!

I'm a Ukrainian girl with a passion of photography. Currently I live in Frankfurt with my daughter Mia and fly to my homeland (Kyiv, Ukraine) from time to time.


I work in portrait, family and wedding photography.


Everything that is related to people's emotions, feelings and connection between people - that's what I love to capture. Everytime I meet a loving couple - I'm getting excited as a kid. To me the love is everything. And if I see in front of me people that know what true love is about - I understand, we are on the same wave.

Photography helps me to express my high-sensitive and creative soul. And I like to make people happy with what I do - it's a very simple formula that gives your work a deeper meaning.


I truly love making beautiful portraits of people. I put my heart into every photo - it's hard for me to do anything in a different way.


My relationship with the photography are quite easy. One day my hobby simply turned into a profession while I was trying to find a place for myself in a corporate world after getting a master's degree at economic university. And once I made that decision - I've found out what is it to adore what you do for a living and to wake up happy.


Oh, I loooove to travel. So don’t hesitate to ask if I am willing to fly to Italy (or France, or somewhere else) and shoot your wedding. The answer will be definitely YES!


- Katja <3 !


Me working on the wedding

Things that fulfill my life

My daughter Mia.  Very funny open and smiley girl that took from me more than I expected.


I love how she has changed my life and made me want to live more conscious feeling the responsibility for my life and and for her future state of mind as well.


And I see already now at her almost 5 that she will be a different person from me – more free, more self-secure knowing what she want, knowing  that her wishes are respected therefore she will respect them herself.


The most important – as an adult she will have a strong inner reliance and belief that she can do everything by herself because she is given that belief and support from her parents and it will grow into a strong inner parent in her that will protect and support her no matter what.


I wish you to stay true to yourself, my dear.

Family and Friends. We are all social and need others in your lifes. I also believe that the best way to develop yourself is through relationship with others.  We need to surround yourself with the people that reflect and fulfill us. And here are some things that I’ve learned on my way of being a good partner, friend, mother, daughter etc. …

I’ve learned:

  • to appreciate what people can share with you and accept them the way they are
  • not to demand from people what they cannot give you, not try to change them
  • to understand my needs and look for them there where they can be given
  • to be a good listener and give support the way it’s needed
  • to find a safe pleasant art of closeness with people that you don’t choose in your life but still want them to be present there

Kyiv. My hometown. I live in a different place for about 8 years now and it’s interesting how my love to my hometown has grown with time since I’m not there. As well as the city itself has developed a lot.


It doesn’t matter where you live you always get this deep feeling of comfort and safety in the place where every corner is familiar and awakes pleasant memories, the place that you are party made from.


Kyiv now is a very beautiful cool town where I like to bring my new friends with me to – highly developed coffee culture very tasty food, open easygoing people, conceptual beautiful interiors in cafes and restaurants, interesting cultural life and just the streets that you enjoy to walk.

Come to visit it at least for a long weekend. Here are some of my favorite cafes: Lyubimiy dyadya, ZZL and Italianskaya Redakсia.


Travels. So far, I have to places that are getting along with my inner world and state.


Paris. Before I became a responsible mother, I had a chance to visit Paris often and spend there like two weeks in a row living at my friends’ and discovering non touristic Paris driving the bicycle all day long. I appreciate the beauty in all different form as well as it’s appreciated in a French culture.


I love French style, architecture, food. It’s east for me to follow my feelings in this city and just enjoy everything I experience there during the day.


To be honest I must add that one of my FAV movie of all time is L'ÉTUDIANTE, with Sophie Marceau, that was shoot in Paris in 1988, that made a big influence on my young soul.

Lanzarote. I came there for surfing and it became the island that make me calm and happy. I live there usually in a small village - Caleta de Famara.


Sound of ocean that becomes a part of your heartbeat, pleasant temperature all year around for the heat haters, open smiley people, no need to take a special care on the way you look, tasty food and a lot of yoga and surfing. The best retreat for me.


If you are there and want to try surfing – Red Star Surfing Camp became my family, get to know them, they made me fall in love in surfing even more.


Surfing and ocean. Yes. It stays separate from the travel theme. I always was attracted to this massive nature element - OCEAN. Interesting mix of feelings - you look at it with adoration and fear at the same time. I’ve never thought though that not being very sporty myself such a thing as surfing would catch me that deep. Feeling of freedom, speed and fun.


I’ve tried my very first lesson on Bali in 2018, than had a week in a surfing camp on Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and since that it became a big part of my life. I like everything about it – philosophy and lifestyle, community that gathers cool people around it, connection and balance with you body.


Surfing introduced me to yoga. I started to feel what it gives to your body, I’ve started to understand the need not only put your body in a physical activity but relax it getting rid of stress. Now yoga is a part of my everyday routine and surfing is planned with every next coming vacation.


Psyhology. Self-growth and living in the moment.  

Big part of my life is my self-growth. To understand your background, your feelings and deeper needs is the way to feel yourself happy and create a deep connection with anyone.  


Raising a kid made me understand how many things we get in your childhood that follow us in your life along. Knowing that you can change your mindset if you are not satisfied with it makes me not to stop in my self-discovery.  Choose to be the best version of yourself – happy sunny self.  I choose to be honest with myself, responsible for how I feel in my life and surround myself with things and people that fulfill me.  I enjoy living in the moment. I used put the responsibility of my happiness on others, running into the past or the future in my head. Digging deep brought me back to myself.


Everybody deserves to wake up every morning feeling yourself happy and expecting to live a new day through with an inner excitement. And this transformation is possible.


Here are some important reading recommendations from me:  "Authentic: How to be yourself and why it matters" by Stephen Joseph, "Nonviolent Communication" by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Deepak Chopra, "Adult Children of Emotionally Immature parents" by Lindsay C. Gibson.